Louise Trotter was inspired by Simone Thion de La Chaume, the French golf champion who happened to marry a tennis player called René Lacoste.

For his third effort under the direction of the French sports label, Louise Trotter was reset to the relationship between René Lacoste and his wife, French golf champion Simone Thion de La Chaume. “They were both strong people who came together on their own to complement each other. Their relationship, by contrast, was very harmonious. “Said. After a mixed exhibition that blends golf codes and the brand’s tennis heritage.

Re-signing most of the brands – trousers, trench coats and, of course, the polo shirt that will come in a brighter double-knit version – by blowing telegraph ease ratios in a palette of sophisticated bright colors, fit and fabrics. “Today luxury is comfort,” he said. “Performance can be how you feel, you can fit perfectly, you can wear it day after day and it still looks good.” This more special but still comfortable silhouette, much closer to the body, felt step by step with the return of elegance this season while remaining true to the more sporty side of the brand. A russet colored suit that was spotted on a female and later male model was striking.

Golf touches were mixed, such as sleeveless vests in downy mohair or gloves in some looks. Other accessories also attracted attention: De rigueur mini bags were used as necklaces, a clutch doubled as a foldable carrying case. The shoes and sneakers had visually stunning fringed leather cover rugs used to keep their shoes clean. As for photogenic miniature golf box bags, a frisson provoked his delight – “a hole” came to mind.


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