The Giambattista Valli spring 2019 runway show was all about the beautiful, the glittery and the idea of maximum result from minimalism. The catwalk was full of fairies, really, with glittering balayage hair and Valli’s signature ruffles, alongside his lace and gauzy silks.

This was truly a collection that had something for everyone, with the idea in mind that fashion should make a woman feel not only beautiful, but quite capable as well. There is strength in beauty, and these designs are there to inspire the confidence necessary to rule your world.

Without a doubt, the Giambattista Valli spring 2019 collection was nothing short of dreamy. How exactly did the glittering ombres come into effect, you ask? According to Paul Hanlon, “Giambattista had me look at old photographs of [traditional] Indian ceremonies where colorful powders are thrown everywhere.”

This, in turn, inspired the custom-mixed shimmering color sprays that added bright pastels into the locks of the models, with loose glitter brushed on for a truly glowing mane.

Aside from the spring 2019 hairstyle trends though, we fell in love, as usual, with white tailored dresses in almost caftan style, tiny black dresses with ruffle sleeves, plunging necks and extremely short hems not made for a lady with a booty, as well as some stunning embroidered denim that added a more androgynous touch to the whole line-up. We have to admit, pairing tiger prints with plain white looked stunning.

Finally, we have to applaud the fact that Valli is a master of appealing to all generations, with the more youthful short in front and long in back dresses appearing alongside gorgeous sheaths. As always, the collection did not disappoint.


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