It’s almost the end of Paris Fashion Week spring 2019, and we are not yet ready for reality. One after the other, we have been treated to incredible new designs, sighed in relief when we saw our favorite trends continue on, and enjoyed every piece that was completely out of this world. We have been taken on a journey to the past and given a glimpse of the future.

For this second-to-last diary, we focus on eco-friendly fashion and confidence on the stage. We introduce psychedelic designs and animal-conscious approaches to beauty. Being sustainable is very much à la mode right now, and Stella McCartney for one ensures that no matter how long it takes, she will always come up with more sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics to utilize in her designs.

The one thing the spring 2019 collections of Stella McCartney, Giambattista Valli, and Alexander McQueen had in common was a flowing sensuality to the designs, playing on female strengths while still giving her outfits that complement and define her everyday life.

It might not have been an intentional influence on her collection, but her new-found financial independence certainly seemed to inspire, according to critics.

Which trends were our favorites from the collection? Jumpsuits are always a favorite, elongating the body and outlining the best of one’s lack of curves especially. Plunging necklines only enhance the allure of the jumpsuit, while McCartney’s wide legged boiler suits also made headlines in their white and blue tie-dye prints.

The floral prints are still in and probably will stick around for quite a while yet. Just like the traditional blacks and whites, the florals have a permanent place on the trends lists for each year. Furthermore, it was quite beautiful to see fluid silhouettes meeting sportswear, a huge trend for spring 2019.


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