We are accustomed to seeing the model Bella Hadid, the sought-after face of the catwalks, in transparent clothes, but we have never seen it so brave before. Hadid attended the fashion show held as part of Paris Fashion Week, attracting attention with the transparent breast detail of the wedding dress that it promoted.

The posts he made on his Instagram account and the moments he walked on the podium … Model Bella Hadid knows how to draw attention to whatever he has been doing lately.

Finally, Hadid, who participated in Vivienne Westwood’s 2020 Fall Winter fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, started to talk about the transparent wedding dress she wore.

When the 23-year-old model wears a wedding dress with her arms raised and her chest details transparent, ‘Bella leaves little to her imagination. It has always been showing more than people expected ‘.

Bella Hadid, who has about 30 million followers on Instagram, does not hesitate to share her brave poses there either.


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