Yesterday, Bella Hadid did something that her 25 million-plus Instagram followers have come to expect from her: The model posted a sun-soaked photo of herself wearing a swimsuit. But this was no ordinary swimsuit. Rather, the slate gray one-piece she sported from Heart of Sun Swim came with an embedded tie-belt and an extreme ’80s-era French cut. For the uninitiated, that means that the lower half was teensy-tiny—shrunken to half the size of a normal bathing suit silhouette—and showed off plenty of torso. It’s not the first time that Hadid has worn a look like this. Earlier this summer during a vacation in Greece, she wore a barely-there white polka dot bikini and a green, blue, and black graphic suit with a cut-out at the midriff, both of which featured that über high cut.

While the look is certainly risqué, Hadid has plenty of celebrity company. Model-actress Emily Ratajkowski has long worn the style and has even implemented it in her own swimwear label, Inamorata. Just four days ago, she posted a photo of herself in a leopard-print incarnation.


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