Bag lovers, take a look: the fall/ winter 2019-2020 bag trends are here, with a healthy mixture of returning trends, brand new trends, new twists on old trends, and a few trends that clearly carried over to bags from other items on the runway. Our aim is to be comprehensive, so you can rest assured that these are all of the fall 2019 bag trends that you need to know about.

The fall 2019 handbags are wonderful and unique, but we noticed that, as a whole, they are less whimsical than the bags from the previous season. Colors and prints are a little more serious, and function is key.

Bags that account for people’s need to have their hands free are as practical as can be. That’s not to say it is all dour utilitarianism: fuzzy bags, oddly shaped bags, and tiny bags account for some of the more artistic fall/ winter 2019 handbag trends. Handbags in prints and materials that perfectly match the popular garments of the season, like animal prints, houndstooth, check, and exotic leather will certainly be an easy sell.

There is also a sense of comfort that a few of the fall/ winter 2019 handbag trends exude, with soft and quilted bags, as well as slouchy bags, being extremely popular. Which of these fall 2019 handbags do you like best?


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